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To Live In NYC…

As I’m walking around my apartment, I hear the sounds of the world outside. The wind blowing pleasantly through the open window. The kids who just got out of school and are now returning home, boldly breaking the “inside voice” rule. Cars are flying by like I live on a race track. All this noise reminds me of one thing. One place sacred to my heart. New York City! With all it’s light’s, dramatic buildings and yes, even the crazy people. Everyday millions of people pack up their lives. No matter who or what is in their life at the time, it’s getting packed and shipped. We all have a dream, a yearning, a longing to be in NYC. But why? Is it the fast paced life? The ultra fabulous people you walk by at any given moment?? Whatever it is, it calls you day and night like a whisper in your ear, “Come to me, come to NYC”. Yes New York is a great place to experience anything you want but at the same time it is a place of a million opportunities. Dancers, singers, actors all converge on the city that never sleeps just so they can join the millions of hopefuls who are willing to sacrifice sleep itself just to be in the city. When I think of that, I start to really think….What would I compromise to live there? The answer to that…Everything!! No hesitation at all!! I want to walk the boulevard, see the street performers and even yell crazily at a taxi driver. I want to wake up at the crack of dawn to run and catch the subway into the city. I want to eat at all the little shops I see. New York is the motherland for anything creative. From art to fashion to film, New York is the epicenter of our culture and to live there is a beautiful dream for all of us. And for the people who don’t dream about being in NYC one day, that just means you haven’t had the right dream just yet. Don’t you wish you could just sit around your Manhattan apartment looking out the window wondering why you weren’t there from the start? When it all comes down to it, We all have a little bit of New York city in us and I think it’s time we let it out! Time to explore this big place we call earth and I think NYC is the perfect place to start. Pack your bags full of all your dreams, Look risk in the face and laugh, And say hello to a new beautiful, fashionable NYC life!! I LOVE NEW YORK!!

Warren Cediti